2020 Virtual  5K WALK~RUN

For Brain Hemorrhage & Other

Adverse  Brain Conditions

November 1- November 14


          Join SYBASF 2020 Virtual 5K Brain                                 Hemorrhage Walk/Run! 

   Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Sia Yorker 9th Annual 5K BRAIN WALK/RUN is shifting gears and going Virtual! 


 A Virtual walk is a real walk, but on your terms: You get to choose your own course, what time you start, and who walks             next to you! The walking is real—it's the community that's virtual.               

 SYBASF Virtual 5K Walk/Run will begin Monday November 1st - Sunday November 14th. Whether you run on treadmill,   jog around the neighborhood or walk around the block, The Virtual 5K Walk/Run is an ideal way to stay connected to this       community while supporting this worthy cause.  Whatever Goal you set for yourself makes a difference. 


 Although this year looks different than years past, the impact remains the same: All proceeds go directly to: SYBASF

 Medical Science Scholarships, Stroke/Brain Research, Education & Awareness through our “Think Big” Brain Awareness   Workshops & Seminars, and Food distribution to families that are experiencing financial hardship during Thanksgiving and   Christmas Holidays (to include toys and clothes for children). 

 When you register,  you will receive a (printableDigital Bib Number to wear the day that you choose to walk. A Think Big     Bracelet, (A Water Bottle or A Sia Carrying Bag) will be mailed to you. We'll also share special tips and advice with you,   including an exclusive two-week training plan by Sia Brain Awareness Foundation, in our participant newsletter as you gear   up for the 2020 Virtual 5K Walk November 1-November 14th!

For More Information on how you can register for the Virtual 5K Brain Hemorrhage Walk/Run visit www.siabrainawarenessfoundation.org Click Get Involved & 2020 VIRTUAL WALK BIB NUMBER.


Info on how to win a FITNESS TRACKER SMART WATCH visit www.siabrainawarenessfoundation.org                                                           Click Get Involved & CHANCE@FITSMART WATCH SHARE YOUR STORY.

Good Luck to you!





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