What Motivates You To Walk?

           Tell Us Your Story and You Could Win a Fitness Tracker

Smart Watch!

 Why do you WALK/RUN? Is it for your health, to connect with friends, to clear you head, regroup from a long day at the job,   to get out in nature, to support a cause?

 Tell us and enter for a chance to win a Fitness Tracker Smart Watch. It’ll help you track your steps as you prepare for   the  5K Brain Hemorrhage Virtual Walk/Run—and keep you motivated to make this the beginning of your fitness journey,   not the end.

 The Intelligent Fitness Tracker Smart Watch is a simple but powerful smart watch that allows you to track your activity and   heart rate.  You can monitor your steps, distance, active minutes, sleep, calorie burn, receive real time message   notifications with a gentle vibration, allowing you to stay in contact with pressing matters as well as set silent alarms   with sedentary reminders to keep you active. 

 The fitness tracker is designed with a built-in USB plug and does not need a charging cable for charging. Gently pull bands of both   sides off and insert the built-in USB plug (with metal pins) into a USB charger (smartphone USVB charger or PC USB port) to charge   the device.  And did we mention that it's waterproof? Well It Is!

        Submit Your Story to: SYBASF@GMAIL.COM before November 12th, 2020 for a chance to Win a Fitness Tracker Smart Watch!

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