Board Member: Why Foundation Is Important To Me!

The Sia Brain Awareness Foundation is important to me because the Foundation brings not only awareness of symptoms of an acute brain hemorrhage, but the foundation's goal is to educate on all adverse brain conditions. Such a deed allows others experiencing a brain condition; or a family member to know that they are not alone in their journey.

I am proud to say that the foundation gives back to the community; helping families in need; especially during the Christmas and Thanksgiving season. The foundation does not see itself as an island; it welcomes community partners. The Foundation is not only important to me for the efforts to educate; but it is really significant to me because I knew Sia as a little girl; full of life; with excitement in her eyes. Fulfilling her desire to be a doctor hopefully can be fulfilled through the young men and women annually awarded scholarships for their hard work, and their desire to also go into the medical field is joyous.

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