Board Member: Why Foundation Is Important To Me!

I'd like to share three reasons why Sia Brain Awareness Foundation is important to me. First, Sia and I went to Elementary School (Deltona Lakes) and Junior High (Galaxy Middle) together. Mom Yorker always said that Sia and I would get married one day. (I guess God had other plans). I had the opportunity to experience my first ever missions trip with Sia during the summer of 2007 with the Deltona, YMCA. We got to capture fun and memorable moments together as we learned the culture of the Dominican Republic. Sia and I didn't get to spend much time together after Junior High as we attended different high schools and Sia went off to college.

Secondly, after Sia's transition to heaven, I grew closer to the Yorker's and their mission to continue Sia's dream in the medical arena. The Yorker's asked me to become a board member of Sia Brain Awareness Foundation, which I was pleased to accept. Since 2012, I've had opportunities to impact the lives of many high school seniors aspiring to pursue a career in the medical profession.

Lastly, as a beginner mathematics teacher at the High School in which Sia graduated with honors (Pine Ridge High), I have a unique opportunity to encourage future High School seniors to apply for the Sia Yorker Medical Science Scholarship! I love the fact that this foundation offers funding to assist students with financial aid via scholarships. This foundation is forever appreciated!

Blessed are we.

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