2020 Banquet Master of Ceremony

Mr. Tom Russell, former Pine Ridge High School Principal,(Deltona Florida), current Principle of Palm Coast High School. Mr. Russell is a son, husband, father and grandparent, most importantly, he is a man of “Faith” and part of the Yorker family

Saxophonist Cliff Agruso, is a member of the Music Remembrance Big Band Orchestra of Central Florida. Clifford has been a vital part of connected to the he Sia Yorker Brain Scholarship Foundation aswell as our family for the past 5 years.


1st Place Alexander Oluyinka, University High (center),  2nd Place Keyla Rameriz, Deltona High (2nd from left),  3rd Place Kayla Smith, Seminole High (3rd from Left),  4th Place Edua Atu, Seminole High, (2nd from Right), 5th Place, Abigail Reyes-University High (4th from Left), 6th Place, Nicole Chojnowski, University High (4th from Right), 7th Place, Kaliyah Graham, Deltona High (3rd from right)

                       2020 Guest Speaker

Dr. Sylvain Doré, PhD, is a Professor of Anesthesiology in the Division of Research, as well as a Professor of Neurology, Psychiatry, Pharmaceutics, and Neuroscience, at the University of Florida, College of Medicine.      Dr. Doré’s research pertains to studying new effective mechanisms that limit neuronal dysfunction associated with ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, Alzheimer disease (AD), aging, and various other neurological disorders. Dr. Dore serves as a board member with Sia Brain Awareness Foundation.

Board Members, MC and Guest Speaker pose with the Sia Yorker     2020 Medical Science Scholarship Winners!

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