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2022 Sia Yorker 
Prestigious Woman Of The Year
Dorothy Mow

Dorothy Mowbray, Advisory Board Member and Media Specialist with the Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation. Media has been Dorothy’s passion ever since she turned her brother’s Erector Set and record player into a radio station that broadcast tunes across the family farm. 


Dorothy is a Walking Miracle! On December 10, 2021, the Mowbray family's world was turned upside down when. Dorothy awoke complaining of low energy, exhaustion even after sleeping all night, migraine headaches, and vomiting, (signs and symptoms of a brain aneurysm). Dorothy seized as she was getting back in bed, her husband Allan immediately called 911, and she was taken to Altamonte Advent Health, she was in a coma at this point.  An immediate CAT scan was done which revealed bleeding on her brain and was airlifted to the Advent Health South Hospital where an External Ventricular Drain, "EVD" was installed in her head to relieve the pressure from the brain bleeding. 


January 27th, 2022, Dorothy was transferred to a Skilled Nursing Rehab Facility where she received physical, speech, and occupational therapy until her discharge, on February 20, 2022. On the same day of her discharge, Dorothy attended her son Kelan's wedding in Tampa, Florida.  

March 5th, 2022 Dorothy and Allan Mowbray attended the Sia Yorker Medical Science Scholarship Banquet where she was honored as the 2022 Sia Yorker Prestigious Woman of the Year and presented a beautiful diamond cut glass plaque. 

         Song & Dance rendered by                           Sonz of Royalty                               Vino & Rico Crichton 

2022 Master Of Ceremony,
Actor & Comedian,
Mr. Eric Weece

Congratulations 2022
Sia Yorker Medical Science Scholarship Winners

1st. Place Winner $1,500.00

Braylin Maxwell
Paul J. Hagerty High School

2nd Place Winner $1,200.00

Willianis Nieves Rodriquez
Trinity Christian Academy

3rd Place Winner $900.00

Lindsey B. Boger
Deltona High School

4th Place Winner $600.00

Nadiyah Harris
Deltona High School

Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation
Board Members
top (r)

Mrs. Valerie Olude

Mrs. Dorothy Mowbray

Ms. Tiffany Trent

Mr. Dantrel Johnson

Mrs. Debbie Settles

Mrs. Leslie Flynn Yarde 

Mr. Al Yorker


Willianis N. Rodriquez 

Lindsey B. Boger

Nadiyah Harris

Mrs. Paula Yorker

2022 Scholarship Banquet          Guest Speaker 

Dr. Michael Jaffee

Michael Jaffee is the Vice-Chair of the Department of Neurology at the University of Florida and the Bob Paul Family Professor of Neurology where he is the founding Director of the UF BRAIN Center (Brain Injury, Rehabilitation, and Neuroresilience Center) and serves as the Director of the Neurology Sleep Clinic.  Prior to coming to UF, Dr. Jaffee spent 21 years in the US Air Force, where he served in many capacities, including National Director of the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center.  Dr. Jaffee is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Neurology, Psychiatry, Sleep Medicine and Brain Injury Medicine. Dr. Jaffee has dedicated a significant part of his career to developing innovative educational and research collaborations between the Department of Defense, federal agencies, academic institutions, and other stakeholders, including the National Football League and the Alzheimer’s Association. He serves as a national consultant for multiple federal agencies and national professional organizations.


Our Future Health Care Physicians and Professionals

Ms. Asia Olude 2021 1st Place Scholarship Winner shared her experience as a virtual scholarship winner, and a freshman at the University of Central Florida. Asia told the recipients to never forget the deposits (the morals and values) that you received from home. Don’t allow others to stop you from being the beautiful individual that you were created by God to be. Don’t get caught up in having so much fun that you forget your purpose! Never be too proud to let your parents know the truth “You MISS HOME”!

2019 1st Place Scholarship Winner Kayla Nguyen, a 3rd-year student at the University of Florida, shared her heart with the 2022 recipients. Kayla charged them to do their best in school, combat their fears and always present yourself in a respectful manner, represent your family, and the Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation.

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