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Dorothy Mowbray

Advisory Board Member

Sia Foundation

Media has been Dorothy’s passion ever since she turned her brother’s Erector Set and record player into a radio station that broadcast tunes across the family farm. With a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting and political science from the University of North Dakota, Dorothy has worked in all mediums including newspaper, radio, and TV. Then in 1998, she entered the brave new world of the internet! Her latest career has been over 10 years with ROAR! Internet Marketing, a full service digital marketing agency in the Orlando, FL area. She loves to help other businesses achieve their growth goals. Medical marketing has been a large component of her over 30 years in media and marketing sales.

Dorothy loves to give back to her community and currently volunteers with Seminole County 4-H, Northland Church, and the Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Foundation.

Dorothy and her husband Alan have made Central Florida their home since 1994. They have a son, Kellen, who is soon to graduate from Universal Technical Institute, and a teenage daughter, Megan, who loves math, art and volleyball! 

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Deborah Settles

Advisory Board Member

Sia Foundation

Native Floridian, attending local school in Orlando, Florida, Jones High School Alumni Graduate, undergraduate studies in Charlotte, North Carolina, receiving a BA degree in Political Science.


Deborah worked as a Human Service Professional; 15 years in management with Aspire Health Partners Inc. which allowed her to focus on the prevention and the remediation of problems affecting children, families, and marginalized groups through community engagement, along with  advocating for accessibility of effective, and efficient systems to those being served.

Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation has first and foremost a very personal meaning to Deborah. Secondly, the foundation's efforts  have focused not just on acute brain hemorrhage and symptoms that leads to such, but also health awareness;  informing all  communities;  especially the communities that are most affected due to many underlying medical conditions, which can at times lead to  adverse brain conditions.  Finally the Foundation finds time to give tangibly back to the community through feeding the homeless, providing Christmas and Thanksgiving to families in need.  Serving as a board member of  Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation is indeed an honor.


Dantrell Johnson

Advisory Board Member

Sia Foundation

Dantrell M. Johnson, a dedicated Board Member with Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation for over 6 years has found that each year brings on it's own uniqueness. Not only is Dantrell a husband, father, leader, and a Jesus representative, he also serves as a local educator at Pine Ridge High School, the High School Sia graduated from in 2009 with Honors. 


Serving the community through Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Foundation's "Think Big" Brain Awareness Seminars, Health Fairs, Bicycle and Helmet Safety Give Away, 5K Brain Walk, Sia Yorker Medical Science Scholarship Banquet, Awards Night, Christmas and Thanksgiving Give Away, Homeless Shelter Feeding Programs, and serving alongside other Businesses and Organizations, etc. has afforded Dantrell the opportunity to not only be connected to something much larger than himself, but to experience first  hand how Sia Yorker's Legacy continues to live in the heart of others, together, impacting lives and making a difference.

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Tiffanie Trent

Advisory Board Member

Sia Foundation

Tiffanie Trent is a dedicated mother and singled parent. Working in E-commerce she provides site management and customer service for three high end fashion brands. This keeps her quite busy, but she still finds time to give back to her family and community.

Although 19 years seemed like not enough time, Sia is living proof that “it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.” Sia lived a full life, but most importantly, a purposeful life. She made every day count and strove to be an example of Christ in everything she did. During those 19 years, she touched many lives including my own.


Sia Yorker, was more than a cousin to Tiffanie, she was a sister and best friend. Sia always brought joy to Tiffanie's heart, whether it was a phone call, one of their adventures, or even just a Facebook post. To know Sia Yorker was truly to love her. 


Tiffanie will be forever thankful for the memories and the bond the two shared. So, until the day Tiffanie and Sia get to see each other again, Tiffanie will honor Sia's life and memory by serving on the board of the Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation. By sharing Sia's story, we will continue to touch lives and raise awareness of this serious brain condition. Together we can make a difference.  

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Lesly Flynn Yarde

Advisory Board Member

Sia Foundation

A wife, mother, grand mother and Greenhouse Specialist, Lesly Yarde has remained a faithful, heart driven board member of Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation from it's conception. Lesly has always believed that God used the suddenly of Sia's transition due to a Sudden Acute Brain Hemorrhage to birth the foundation through her parents. There are so many that have been impacted by Sia's story, and have found strength to move forward in life because of God's strength that is seen in Sia's parents on a daily basis. Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation not only brings awareness to the community of Signs and Symptoms of adverse brain conditions, the involvement in the foundation gives one the courage to continue to move forward no matter the suddenlies of life. 


Not only have Sia's parents been dear friends to the Yarde family, they have also served as pastors, which continues to afford many the opportunity to witness God's Strength manifested in their life as they continue to walk out the suddenly of their precious Sia's transition.


Dr. Sylvan Dore'

Advisory Board Member

Sia Foundation

Dr. Dore’, an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Neuroscience and Director of the Research Programs in the Department of Anesthesiology. He is also a Member of the Center of Translational Research in Neurodegenerative Disease at the McKnight Brain Institute. Dr. Dore’ trained at the University of Montreal, McGill University and served at Johns Hopkins University for eleven years before joining the University of Florida Community.


Dr. Dore' is honored to serve as an Advisory Board Member of the Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation, encourages everyone to continue wearing your mask. As a public health duty take the COVID-19 Vaccine as soon as possible. Together, we will get through the pandemic.


Dr. Dore' is passionate about Family-Friends, Traveling, Water, Dogs, Horses, Architecture, Design, Modern Dance, Live Performances, and most importantly, Research, Health and Education.   


Valerie Olude

Advisory Board Member

Sia Foundation

Valerie, a wife, mother, very involved covenant member of her local church, community, and Human Resource Director for United Parcel Service better known as UPS is not new to the Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation. During the Foundation conception, Valerie was one of the first Advisory Board Members of Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation and remained active with the 5K Brain Walk and Sia Yorker Medical Science Scholarship Banquet, even after stepping down a few years ago due to her busy work schedule and family responsibilities.  Valerie is not only a team player but she is a

"GO GETTER"! Valerie's philosophy is either you give 100% or nothing at all.  Her heart never left the foundation, and now that life has calmed down somewhat, Valerie is back in the Game! Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation Board Members welcome Valerie with open arms!