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Community volunteer Service

"Community Cares"
Serving Our Seniors!

Community Cares Youth Volunteer serving our Seniors
Executive Director pulling Weeds for senior
Youth volunteering to put up Christmas lights for seniors
After product of working on yard, scrubs, raking, etc. an putting up Christmas lights.!
Youth doing volunteer work at a senior home
Volunteering Community Care Youth Volunteer Program
Community Care Youth Volunteer Program
Community Care Volunteer Program stopped to take a picture with the own er of th ehouse!e
Flyer of Community Care Youth  Volunteer Opportunities.

We Support
Pine Ridge High


Volunteer 5K Brain Walk

5K  Brain Awareness Walk-A-Thon

Foundation serving and feeding at the homeless shelter

Community Outreach Programs

Volunteer at the after School Reading Program

Reading Pal Program 

Our Mission


To create intergenerational volunteer opportunities and programs that bring children and older adults together, allowing them to interact and form bonding relationships that benefit both the children and the older adults, as well as the larger community.

Volunteering with seniors allows children to be active and social within a community, allowing the child to help a potentially vulnerable member of society. Delivering meals      or helping at a community dining site teaches the importance and kindness of helping other people.    



What We Believe

The Sia Yorker Community Cares Youth Volunteer Program promotes community service through scholarships, brain awareness, education, food basket giveaways, clothing, toys, bicycle and helmet giveaways, community sponsorships, and other initiatives.

We also recognize the importance and long-term impact that community involvement, such as volunteering, can have on the lives of young people. The Sia Yorker Community Care Youth Volunteer pr
ogram will not only educate and raise awareness among youth about the importance of community service in one's life, but it will also create volunteer opportunities for youth to connect with seniors who are unable to physically do some of the chores around the house that they once could, such as mowing the lawn, walking to the mailbox, watering the plants, putting up a Christmas tree, or reading the newspaper, due to health issues.
We believe that intergenerational programs bring children and older adults together, allowing participants and the larger community to interact and build relationships. Individuals benefit from these relationships in a variety of ways, as well as the development of bonds that strengthen communities.

We believe that by being their hands, feet, eyes, and ears, we can demonstrate that "Community Cares" to our seniors.



Become A Volunteer

Participation in volunteer and civic opportunities from an early age instills empathy, inspires a sense of citizenship, and helps youth find pathways to meaningful education and work. In fact, we believe young people who volunteer help to improve the present, while ensuring healthy, secure futures for themselves and their communities.    

You can spark meaningful activities that will brighten the world through "Community Cares" Youth Volunteer projects! Assist a neighbor in need. Raking, mowing, weeding, and planting are all ways you can help. What are your strength? Your efforts may benefit someone who is unable to access it.


Adult volunteers, organizations, and businesses are welcome to volunteer, however, Community Care's Youth Awareness and Education programs are designed for students in grades 1 through 12.  

Volunteer with Us
Which days are you available?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

Youth Volunteering at the African American Museum of the Arts

"The Value Of Youth Interaction With Seniors"

Interaction with older people can help youngsters develop communication skills, empathy, respect, and patience. Interactions with younger generations, on the other hand, can provide older persons with cerebral stimulation as well as the ability to keep linked with society changes and trends.

Eight reasons why your child should volunteer

1.  It's Fun

It feels good to be a part of a movement that is positive and charitable in nature. 

2.  Connect with People

Volunteering gives teens and kids a chance to meet with people from all sorts of backgrounds who are united through a common cause. 

3.  Make a Difference

Volunteering really does make a difference. At the very least, the resources you give help to save money and allow the organizations you volunteer for to do more with the budgets and donations which they have.  

4.  Be Appreciated

Your child will be appreciated. When you volunteer with a willing and open heart, your efforts will be recognized. Volunteering gives your child the ability to grow and build a strong sense of self-esteem. 

5.  Become Aware of what Life is like for the Less Privileged

For children who come from wealthy societies, or who come from families without hardship, volunteering allows them to become aware of what life can be like for the less privileged. 

6.  Learn New Skills

Volunteers learn all sorts of skills. They learn leadership, organizational, communication and people skills. They learn not only from volunteer leaders, but from peers, by mentoring new volunteers, and from the people they are helping too. Their opportunities to learn are not only multi-fold, but also multi-directional. 

7.  Explore Job and Career Possibilities

If your children are interested in a particular career or type of job, volunteering in an organization which is related to their interest allows them to explore how they feel about working within that environment. 

8. Allows your child to complete the mandatory community service requirement before graduating

from high school 

Volunteering at a young age allows your child to accumulate more than enough community volunteer hours, focus on exam preparation, and devote necessary time to college applications,

How does engagement with children and young adults benefit seniors?

Participation in intergenerational programs and meaningful cross-age relationships may decrease

social isolation and increase feelings of belonging,

self-esteem, and well-being in older adults, while also improving social and emotional skills in children and youth.  

By interacting with younger generations, seniors are able to share important life lessons. On the flip side, younger generations are able to teach seniors new

ways of looking at life. By building a connection with each other both generations are able to offer the

respect and affirmation that humans crave.

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