Board Member: Why Foundation Is Important To Me:

The foundation is important to me because of the Reason and Purpose it was founded. Sia Brain Awareness Foundation was established in Memory of a beautiful young lady who was dear to my family and I and thousands of others. However, the foundation is not just for Sia but for millions of others that we may never have the opportunity to meet, many may have passed due to an adverse brain condition and some may still be alive living with side effects. Sia Brain Awareness foundation want you to know that you are not alone.

Every Thanksgiving Turkey with the trimmings that are given to families that are having a rough time, we give on your behalf, every Christmas toy and clothing that are provided to families during Christmas comes from you too, every helmet and bicycle that are provided to prevent brain injuries are given with you in mind, Every Brain Walk A Thon, that we sponsor every October, we are walking for you and your loved one, every scholarship that we present to graduating high school seniors in March as a result of the Brain Walk A Thon fundraiser, we are presenting on your behalf as well. This and so many other reasons is why Sia Brain Awareness Foundation will always be important to me.

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