Board member: Why Foundation Is Important To Me!

I loved and love Sia this gift from God. As I watched this beautiful young lady grow from one stage of life to the next, listening as she talked about her dreams and what she wanted to be when she grew up. It often changed but it would always come back to be a “Pediatric Physician”. She would always say to me “Daddy” when I get my practice, every child I care for under the age of 3 their care would be free. I would encourage her by saying OK you go for it “Baby boom” you get the grades and I’ll get the money for college. Sia was a fun person she liked to shop, take pictures do the beach scene, hang out with the PMS pack. Sia loved God, loved people and especially children. Sia was a hard worker and a giver.

As the suddenly unfolded and Sia transition to her heavenly home we thought we must do something to keep her dream alive, thus Sia Brain Awareness Medical Science foundation was founded. I believe Sia would have wanted to help others in their pursuit of a future in the medicine profession. There is an inexplainable feeling of joy that overcomes me, when we present the scholarships to graduating seniors each year as they step into another chapter of their life moving forward to become proud upstanding pillars of society. There is much, much more I could say as to why this foundation is dear to me, but I think you get my drift. If Sia was here she would say “There are no limitations” “Think Big”!


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